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CD L'Attirail - La Route Intérieure
  • CD L'Attirail - La Route Intérieure

CD L'Attirail - La Route Intérieure

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This tenth album is a natural bridge between East and West, Old Europe and the New World. A synthesis of L'Attirail's 2 major recording periods, La Route Intérieure questions the listener as much about possible destinations as about the act of travel, the (necessary) time associated with it and the meditation incited by long journeys.


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L'Attirail - La Route Intérieure

1. L'envolee Du Chapeau Mou; 2. Alliksaar Gare; 3. La Mexicaine de Perforation; 4. Breviaire Du Siciare; 5. Baba Zastava; 6. El Comprador; 7. Dusty Lullaby; 8. Le Retour D'aristobule; 9. Le Microfilm Turkmene; 10. Nervi Au Tapis; 11. L Orpailleur Ottoman; 12. Le Corridor de Latchin; 13. Flying with Yosi; 14. Karabiga; 15. Le Mine de Balanjar; 16. Le Rossignol Albanais; 17. Baleybelen; 18. Horky Parky


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