About us

Cheikh Sidi Bemol Productions (CSB Prod) is a record label created in 2003 within the Association L'Usine, a collective of Algerian-French artists founded by Sidi Bemol, the Orchestre National de Barbès and Gaâda Diwane de Béchar. At its creation, CSB Productions' ambition was limited to the production of albums by the founding group and a few artist friends. 20 years later, through partnerships, the catalogue has grown, ignoring aesthetic and geographical boundaries.

In 2004 CSB Prod merged with Patch Phonolithe and extended its activities to music publishing and show production.

In 2008, the label moved to Malakoff, in the premises of Musiques Tangentes, one of the oldest French schools of "modern music". This new human and material environment allows CSB Prod to carry out its projects in optimal professional conditions.

After more than 10 years of experience and a dozen albums published, CSB Prod has joined forces with RFI Talent and the label L'Autre Distribution (LAD), in privileged partnerships that have enabled it to expand its catalogue with the publication of Electro Bamako, "Now" (2015), Maria Teresa & Moustaki Quartet, "Pour Un Ami" and Abou Diarra, "Koya" (2016).

CSB Prod collaborates with the Théâtre d'Ivry Antoine Vitez to produce a musical tale by Sidi Bémol: "L'Odyssée de Fulay" in residence at the Théâtre (2016-2017).

L'Attirail joined the label in 2017 with "La Part du Hasard" (the group's 10th album), an astonishing musical journey through 19th century Mexico, then with "How To Swim In The Desert" in 2018, an album dedicated to the landscapes of Kazakhstan in which Sidi Bemol sings three tracks. A new signing in 2019 with the integration of the instrumental group Guappecarto into the label, which published "Sambol, Amore Migrante".

In 2020, Sidi Bémol chooses RealWorld Studios and Justin Adams as producer to record his new album "Chouf!", dedicated to the Smile Revolution, with resolutely blues-rock tracks on traditional rhythms.

At the same time, the label released Attirail's new album "Footsteps in the Snow", which once again invited Sidi Bémol on three tracks. After a complicated period (linked to Covid), CSB Prod multiplies projects, strengthened by the numerous supports of its peers (SACEM, CNM, SCPP, SPEDIDAM, ADAMI, DRAC) which allow it to welcome new artists: integration of the Chaoui group, IWAL in 2022 then of the singer SiiAn in 2023.

Sidi Bémol continues its musical explorations with two albums to be released in 2023 and 2024: "Fatman's Bar Songs", (Sidi Bemol sings L'Attirail) then "Guellal Montréal", a work on Amerindian texts, a project carried out in close collaboration with the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal.

L'Attirail will release its 15th album in December 2023 with a tribute to JJ Cale for the 10th year of his death in July 2023.

For 2024, artists SiiAn and Iwal are preparing new releases that will mark the 20th year of the label in a very special way.